Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crazy Dreams

The Soil Stud had a crazy dream last night.   It went something like this...

The Soil Stud and I were walking together in a lush pasture.  (He didn't use the term lush.) 
I am sure we were not holding hands in the dream.  But in my dreams, we always are!  (Soil Stud is not much of a hand-holder.  This is a picture from our engagement photos and he only held my hand because our photographer made him!)

So yeah, back to this dream...we were walking through the pasture and cows started stampeding their way towards us.
And just as they were about to knock us cow stopped!
The cow opened her mouth and said:  "Taco Bell!"

Soil Stud has some weird dreams!  So as I hauled corn today I was thinking about his dream.  I came up with two interpretations of it.

1.  I talk way too much about my cows to him.
2.  He eats way too much Taco Bell.

Seriously, Soil Stud eats a lot of Taco Bell.  I think his subconscious is trying to tell him to lay off the Taco Bell for awhile.  


  1. cute engagement pic. We did a similar pose in our wedding photos.

  2. That is so funny - Chris and Andy should get together for lunch, Chris loves taco bell! When the one in Franklin first opened Chris went in there so often that one day he was in there for lunch and the manager walked up to him and told him his lunch was free because he was their best customer!

  3. Too funny. I have tried to interpret my dreams before. It's kind of fun.