Thursday, April 7, 2011

The fog is lifting!

Hello there!  I am embarrassed, slightly mortified that it has been ages since I posed last.  You see, the thing is I have been tired!  I mean, really tired.  The kind of tired that when you put your shoes on for the morning, you swear you could crawl back to bed and sleep for another 10 hours.  The effort of putting on shoes about did me in.  Honestly, the past few months any effort did me in.  I

Why have I been so tired, you might be wondering?  I am PREGNANT!  Whoo hoo!  I am three months along and I think the fog might be lifting!  Now hear me out, I know many, many women struggle with morning sickness, nausea, AND being exhausted.  I count my many blessings that I am only tired.  (Often times, while counting these blessings I would fall asleep in the recliner, but hey I wasn't running to the bathroom to get sick!)

So anyway, there was no energy left for blogging!  However, I hope to come back to the blogging community as my exhaustion turns back into energy!

I am due in mid-October and the Soil Stud and I are absolutely thrilled!  We cannot wait to meet the baby and become parents!  We heard the heartbeat about a month ago and it was beyond amazing! 

So now the baby is about the size of a lime!  Honestly, this picture is much better than the ultra-sound pic of a month ago.  I swear the baby looks like it's a worm in a cocoon! 

Looks like my life and my body will become even more well-rounded with the addition of our little one!

Until next time,


    Tell your Dad and Uncle I am a skilled grain cart operator if they need help this harvest!

  2. Congratulations! I love the visual of the lime.